Huge Hana chronicles the rise of Hana Masterson, a troubled soul faced with terminal cancer, suddenly transformed into a giant being of unimaginable power when a crashing meteor interrupts her final voyage out to sea. Before she can begin to rationalize the news of her cancer being mysteriously cured, Hana is horrified to discover that she is seemingly powerless to control when she grows into a titanic terror and when she’s reduced to normal size.

Hana isn’t the only one affected by this strange interstellar power, though - far from it. As the meteor plummeted into our atmosphere, it violently split apart, impacting in a variety of countries around the globe. Hot on the trail of this strange phenomenon is the hardened Dr. Thresher and his reluctant rookie assistant Matilda Watkins, who begin to uncover a horrifying evil emerging from the wake of the space-faring mutagen. 

Forced to flee from a world that deems her a monster, abandoned and alone, Hana will need to confront the harsh realities of her newfound power and desperately try to understand her new massive growth spurts before her size spirals out of control - With Thresher, Matilda and the full might of the world's militaries in hot pursuit.

But with ferocious monsters threatening to annihilate all life on the planet, Hana must confront her pursuers, band with an unlikely group of allies, and face her destiny as Earth’s only hope against an unspeakably evil and seemingly unstoppable reign of monstrous terror.